“With the Gumby attitude”
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More that 28 years of contract trucking service to S.P. Richards Co delivering office supplies and furniture to their reseller dealers in Florida with reliable, safe and secure overnight daily shipments.  
More than 25 years of office furniture deliveries and complete installations to businesses, government and home offices throughout Florida.  We also provide Quotes and Layouts of the installations as part of our service. "No Install Too Small!"
Contract Trucking
Furniture Installation
SAVE TIME AND MONEY Mail pick-up and delivery Bank deposits Intra-company correspondence Legal work Medical (H.I.P.A.A. Compliance) Route coverage
Delivery & Courier Services
Lab samples Standard Service delivered within 4 hour Rush Service delivered within 2 hours Emergency and Long Distance Service Money Back Guarantee Competitive Rates
Specializing in Routed and Scheduled Deliveries
“After 29 years of service to the office supply and furniture companies in Florida, we are no longer open to serve your businesses.  Thanks to all who have made this an exciting experience!” Dave & Company